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"I started working with Dana at 59. She has coached, encouraged and challenged me for six years. I credit her with my 47 year old body.
She rocks!" ~ Sara Eaton, 65 

 Hello and Welcome!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer with 7 years of professional and over 25 years of personal experience.  I ran cross country for the U of W, power-lifted on a national level, raced in long distance and have volunteered training youth at risk.

I specialize in in-home and online trainingI come to you!  When I train in-home or at a park, I bring portable equipment with me (i.e. - TRX Suspension & Rip Trainer, stability ball, resistance bands, BOSU Trainer, etc.) and use your own body resistance and environment.  If you own equipment that you like to use - great - but it's not necessary.  For online clients:  I have workout plans that employ as little as 3 items!

I customize your workout to you.  Whether you are a beginner (push up - what?!) or you need to train for a specific event (maybe they will make a Rocky VII)

My clients range from obese with no exercise background to super fit and running 1/2 marathons. 

My youngest client is 13 and my oldest is 77.

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Equipment to get you started!

Working out doesn't have to be expensive.  
Click the link below for some tried and true home fitness equipment:

"Without Dana, I would never have gotten my strength back to where it was pre-ACL surgery.  She comes prepared with a detailed, personalized workout plan, geared towards full body strengthening, results and fun.  I’m amazed how she always comes up with new, creative and very effective exercises using her easy-to-set-up equipment.  Working with Dana has been incredibly rewarding, and I look forward to training with her every week.~ Carmen Hagios



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